Game 1 vs Toronto Nationals, Fri. Nov. 10, 1933

The Spectator headline on Nov. 11 read

"Tigers Impressive in Opening Victory"

"Show Brilliant Plays in Defeating West Toronto Nationals 4 to 3"

Before an eager crowd at the Barton Street Arena last night the tigers opened their season with a victory over over the Nats by a score of 4 to 3. lineup Although they played brilliantly at times and could have scored a few more, the play was sometimes ragged marred by frequent forays to the penalty box.

Three graduates of the Senior B Champion Hamilton Patricias made their presence felt in their first game. Steve Conick excelled at centre contributing two goals. Jack Howard played very well on defence and was equally as good as the veterans Farrell and Radke. In addition to a strong defensive effort Farrell made several dashes up the ice and managed to skate through the entire team and score a big goal early in the third period. Another graduate Norval Fitzgerald contributed nicely on offence as well. Maxcie Bennett, the other new arrival made his presence felt when he scored the first goal of the season scoring on his own rebound shot in the first period. Goonie McGowan showed his excellent play-making skills as he worked on a line with Toe Blake and Herb Cain. Hawse Marsh in goal was outstanding and brought the crowd to its feet on a rush by Neville as he broke through the defence and sailed right in on goal only to be thwarted by a brilliant stop by Marsh.

Although the Tigers were full value for their victory, the Nationals had several scoring chances particularly when the Tigers were shorthanded and especially in the third period as they battled to tie the score.

pic lineup lineup

lineup lineup

Game 2 vs Varsity, Fri. Nov. 17, 1933

The Spectator headline on Nov. 18 read

"Tigers Defeat Varsity by a Score of 7 to 3"

lineup lineup lineup

Game 3 vs Torontos at Toronto, Tues. Nov. 21, 1933

The Spectator headline on Nov. 22 read

"Bengals Miss Chance To Tie With Leaders"

"Early Countries Give Torontos Triumph in Speedy Battle at Queen City"

First place in the Senior loop will have to wait to a later date as the Tigers suffer a 3 - 1 reverse at Maple Leaf Gardens to the revamped Marlboros now under the name Torontos. Three counters on wild charges in the first period were enough to seal the victory as the Torontos held off the Tigers the rest of the way.
An early penalty to Farrell combined with blinding speed caught the Tigers off balance leaving the Bengals in third place instead of tied for the leadership in the loop. Indeed it was only the superb play of goaltender "Hawse" Marsh who kept the score at three until the Tigers adjusted to the speed of the onslaught and made a battle of it for the rest of the game. The lone Hamilton counter came from Jack Howard when he broke out from his defence position, skated through the Torontos team, faked a pass to McGowan and beat Goldie with a backhand. The Yellow and Black continued with Fitzgerald and McGowan missing on successive shots on goal and rebounds to keep the score at 3 - 1. The defensive corps of Farrell, Radke and Howard tried to slow the speedy Torontos with several heavy body checks. The line of Conick, Blake and Bennett had many scoring chances, but failed to find the net. Cain, Fitzgerald and McGowan also worked hard to obtain several chances, but only one goal materialized as the score remained 3 - 1 due to the outstanding play of Marsh and Goldie in net.

pic lineup


Game 4 vs Port Colborne at Hamilton, Thurs. Nov. 23, 1933

The Spectator headline on Nov. 24 read

"Rough Battle Winds Up in Overtime Tie"

"Port Colborne and Tigers Divide Points in Ninety-Minute Struggle"

It was a rough, gruelling, penalty filled 90 minutes of hockey which ended in a 1 - 1 tie after 3 overtime periods. The players retired, bruised, battered and with little but spirit left.
Illegal body checks, cross-checking, high sticks, slashing and fisticuffs were prominent in a contest the referee let get out of hand. The Bengals lost veteran "Gooney" McGowan for much of the game after he obtained a nasty forehead gash requiring stitches in the second period. Despite being short one forward they still carried the play out shooting the visitors by a two to one margin.
The Sailors took the lead early in the third period With a goal by Hudson with the Bengals tying the score when defenceman Farrell scored from Toe Blake. After three overtime periods, the teams settled for a tie, each obtaining a point in the standings Game stats and standings shown below.

lineup lineup lineup

Game 5 vs Niagara Falls, Fri. Dec. 1, 1933

The Spectator headline on Dec. 2 read

"Bengals Upset Falls In Senior Encounter"

"Hamilton Gains Third Place in O.H.A. With 2-1 Win Last Night"

It was an uninspiring match with a weird ending as both teams had retired to the dressing room, but the Niagara Falls manager claimed the game was not over. The referee ordered Steve Conick of the Tigers to take a face-off at centre ice and after dropping the puck and conick touching it, he declared the game over. Another interesting feature of the game was that it was the last amateur game for Matt Kaminski of the Falls as he has signed a contract with the Ottawa Senators of the NHL for an impressive $4300.
Bill Dinning of the Patricias was called up to replace McGowan who was injured in the previous game. Blake and Conick were the best of the Tigers forwards while Howard and Radke played sturdy defence. The Falls took the lead in the first period on a goal by Mancuso and the score remained 1-0 until the third when goals by Blake and Bennett gave the Bengals the victory and third place in the Senior O.H.A. standings.

lineup lineup lineup

Game 6 vs Port Colborne, Tues. Dec.5, 1933

The Spectator headline on Dec. 6 read

"Sailors Again Upset Bengals on Port Ice"

"Despite First Goal on Sailor Ice in Two Seasons, Hamilton drops 2-1 Decision"


On the small Sailor ice surface, the fans saw a sloppy game with Tigers inaccurate shooting and defence needing improvement That ultimately led to a 2 - 1 victory for the Sailors. However the sparse crowd witnessed an exciting contest that remained in doubt until the final whistle.
The only goal of the opening period occurred after Marsh made a save on a Sailor attack and cleared the puck right into Merrill's chest who then proceeded to flip it into the net as Marsh came out to meet him. The puck then glanced off Marshes leg and found it's way into the net. The Ports maintained this lead until the final frame when Merrill scored again with Tigers shorthanded.
Later in the third, with Sailors shorthanded, the Tigers attacked with four forwards and one defence and Blake scored assisted by Cain leaving the final score of 2 - 1 Ports. Bobby Merrill was by far the best for the Ports, dangerous at all times and scoring both goals. "Red" Farrell and "Toe" Blake were the best for the Bengals with Cain, Howard and Bennett also being dangerous.

Game 8 vs Kitchener, Fri. Dec. 15, 1933

The Spectator headline on Dec. 16 read

"Empires Well Beaten By Rampaging Tigers"

"Bengals Pump Home Counters Freely in 8 to 0 Triumph Last Night"

With a fast moving attack that seldom Flagged, the Tigers roared to a 8-0 romp over Kitchener here at the arena last night. With two goals in each of the two periods followed by a barrage of four counters in the third, the Bengals were full value for their victory.
The veteran Chuck Rath appeared the Empire's best helped by Mackie, Schiebel and Fellibaum. Blake was clearly the best for the Bengals, with the entire team also showing well.

lineup lineup

Game 9 vs Toronto Nationals, Tues. Dec. 19, 1933

The Spectator headline on Dec. 20 read lineup

"Tigers Split Points In Overtime Contest"

"Penalties Costly to Yellow and Black in Senior O.H.A. Struggle"

In a spirited contest including costly penalties, erratic sniping and outstanding goaltending by "Hawse" Marsh, the Bengals battled to a 3 - 3 overtime tie with the Nats at Maple Leaf Gardens last evening. It was Fitzgerald's second goal late in the third period that tied the match and sent the game into overtime. A goal late in the overtime by Bennett was disallowed by Referee Johnny Jones when he penalized a Toronto man for tripping.
Penalties were a contributing factor in the game's outcome as the West Nationals took advantage of their opportunities and the tigers did not. In addition to Marsh and Fitzgerald, Farrell, Blake, Conick and Bennett stood out for Hamilton. For the Nats Large, Good and Robertson were the best.

lineup lineup

Game 10 vs Torontos, Fri. Dec. 22, 1933

The Spectator headline on Dec. 23 read lineup

"Tigers Tame Toronto Team in Torrid Tilt"

"Yellow and black Outclass Leaders in Winning 7-0 decision"

The Tigers had the first place Torontos at their mercy from start to finish at the arena last night. With lightning speed and aggression the Bengals handed their haughty rivals from Toronto a seven to zero pasting.
Blake, Bennett and Cain had two goals apiece while Fitzgerald notched one. Blake and Bennett both also managed two assists to emphasize their dominance in the play last night. This result leaves the Bengals in a tie for second place, only one point behind the leading Torontos.

lineup lineup

Game 11 vs Niagara Falls, Tues. Dec. 26, 1933

The Spectator headline on Dec. 27 read

"Bengals Split Even With Niagara Falls"

"Sluggish Overtime Battle Helps Hamilton Advance With Single Point "

Close checking by both teams appeared to reduce the usual speedy offensive thrusts of the Tigers last encounter with Toronto and resulted in a rather dull affair before a small crowd. Both goals may be considered of the lucky variety. "hawse" Marsh kept the listless Tigers in the game and allowed them to obtain the tie and an important single point in the standings.
Both Stevie Conick and "Toe" Blake had wide open chances to score in the third period, but shot wide of the net. Hamilton's lone marker camr in the thire period when bennett scred from Conick, forcing overtime which left the game in a draw.

lineup lineup

Game vs Toronto Nationals, Tues. Jan. 2, 1934

The Spectator headline on Jan. 3 read

"Bengals Upset Nats And Lead Big Group"

"Fitzgerald and Blake Count Goals That Bring 2-1 Victory at Toronto"

Before a woefully empty crowd at Maple Leaf Gardens last night Hamilton's Bengals took over first place in the division with a 2 - 1 victory over the Toronto West Nationals. The close checking of the Nats kept the score low despite repeated assaults by the Yellow and Black on the Toronto net. Particularly strong was the Conick, Bennett and Blake line which threatened on virtually every shift. The McGowan, Fitzgerald and Bellingham line also featured prominently.
In net "Hawse" Marsh held the Nats to a single goal despite a strong assault by the homesters in the last ten minutes as the tried to tie the score. Howard, Radke and Farrell were strong on defence keeping the Nats in check except for a single tally by McClelland which opened the scoring in the second frame. Fitzgerald tied it up at the 16 minute mark of the second frame while Blake, assisted by Conick, scored the winner in the third period.

lineup game 2
game 2

Game vs Port Colborne, Fri. Jan 5, 1934

The Spectator headline on Sat. Jan. 6 read

"Sailors Are Soundly Trounced By Bengals"

"Small Score But Big Playing Edge for Tigers as They Gain Ground"

Hamilton consolidated its position at the top of the standings in the Senior O.H.A loop last night with a convincing victory over the Ports. Although the outcome was in doubt until the final seconds, the Bengals soundly outplayed a surprisingly tame Sailor team.
The Tigers took the early lead on a goal by Radke from McGowan in the first period and held a slim 2 - 1 lead at the end of the second as Gray scored for the Ports and Conick from Bennett for the Bengals. The Tigers held this slim lead until the dying seconds of the game when Stevie Conick clinched the victory with only seconds remaining on a pass from Bennett. Although the Tigers dominated throughout the game and put up a stalwart effort defensively with numerous scoring chances, the game remained in doubt until the final seconds. Goalie "Hawse" Marsh easily throttled the few scoring chances the Port did manage.

lineup game 2
chisholm game 2

Game vs Niagara Falls, Fri. Jan. 12, 1934

The Spectator headline on Jan. 13 read

"Tigers Stretch Lead in Senior O.H.A Race"

"Conick and Blake Provide Third Period Punch for 4 to 2 Win"

That the best defence is a good offence was exemplified again in Tigers 4 - 2 victory over the Cataracts. It was a loosely played, penalty filled game with little regard for defence. Both teams threw furious attacks on the other sides defence, keeping the goalers busy at both ends.
In a wide open exciting contest Hamilton took the early lead with a 2-0 margin at the end of the first on goals by Howard on a fine rush up the ice finishing off with a back-handed lift that Cuthbert failed to stop. Later with the Falls a man short, McGowan fired a timely snap shot high into the net giving the homesters their 2-0 lead.
However in the second period, loose defensive play accompanied by a lack of back-checking allowed the Cataracts to score two quick goals by Peterkin and George Hastie, perhaps the best player on the ice, leaving the match tied at the end of the second frame.
In the third, with Bennett in the penalty box, Conick smartly picked off a Cataract pass and drove to the net easily beating the Falls goalie. Five minutes later with both teams shorthanded, Blake did the same thing intercepting a pass and breaking in to beat Cuthbert giving the Bengals a 4-2 lead which they would not relinquish.

lineup standings

Game vs Kitchener, Fri. Jan. 19, 1934

The Spectator headline on Jan. 20 read

"Empires Well Beaten By Speeding Bengals"

"Yellow and Black Too Strong for Kitchener and Lengthen Margin"

After giving Kitchener an early lead the Bengals roared back scoring four in the second and four more in the third to come away with a well-deserved 8 to 2 victory.
Maxie Bennett led the squad with a four point effort and his days in amateur hockey may be numbered. The defence played well and also participated in the offensive storm with Farrell, Howard and Radke with two counters all adding to the scoring onslaught. The Blake, Bennett, Conick trio were dominant particularly in the third period and helped seal the easy victory for the Tigers.

lineup standings

Game vs Torontos, Fri. Jan. 26, 1934

The Spectator headline on Jan. 27 read

"Tigers Top Torontos In Torrid Encounter"

"Bengals Kid Line Provides Blasts to Pry 3-2 Verdict From Rivals"

The largest crowd of the season at the Barton Street Arena cheered the Bengals on to a brilliant 3-2 victory cementing their hold on first place in the Senior division. With sheer speed, smart and rapid combinations and excellent defensive work the Tigers predominated in a contest that was hotly contested until the final whistle.
After falling behind in the first period, the Bengals roared back to take a 2-1 lead on goals by Conick and Blake in the second. Torontos tied the score in the third and Bennett notched the winner to yield the victory. The kid line was predominant in scoring all three goals for the victors and had more scoring chances than the visitors.

lineup standings

Game vs Varsity, Tues. Jan. 30, 1934

The Spectator headline on Jan. 31 read

"Third-Period Scores Give Tigers Victory"

"Bengals Rap Out 3-2 Triumph Over Varsity With Late Rally"

At the arena last night the Bengals struggled through the first two periods with very few scoring opportunities against a tough squad of Collegians. The period ended with the Tigers trailing 1-0. Indeed in the second period the homesters escaped severe punishment when they had three men shivering in the hoosegow. Bennett and Conick roamed the open spaces in their own zone and along with magical goal tending by Marsh managed to stave off all Varsity attacks. Indeed it was when Farrell was serving his second term in the penalty box in the second period when Cunningham raced down the full length of the right boards and drilled a wicked shot that beat Marsh beating Marsh under his arm. Early in the third with Varsity a man short, Coach Redding put 5 forwards on the ice with excellent results when the dynamite trio of Bennett, Conick and Blake swept in on net, Bennett unleashing a wicked drive to tie the score at one apiece. The next score came from defenceman Farrell when he raced up the ice and snapped a nasty shot past goalie Shipp from close in. Two minutes later Farrell scored again on a nifty pass from Chisholm, splitting the defence and scoring to put the Bengals two goals up. It was the up to Marsh to make many brilliant saves in the last ten minutes to give the Tigers a hard fought 3-2 victory. Varsity's second goal came from Rey in the dying seconds, too late to make the comeback. The game attracted only a small crowd with the cold weather keeping the fans away.

lineup standings

Game vs Torontos, Fri. Feb. 2, 1934

The Spectator headline on Feb.3 read

"Bengals Are Blanked In Speedy Encounter"

"Torontos Gain Revenge as Goldie Hits High Spots inGoal"

A goalie with a lot of talent and a little luck yielded the Bengals a 2-0 beating at the hands of the Torontos last night. Despite a distinct edge in scoring chances the Tigers were thwarted time and again by a superior performance by goalie Andy Goldie, hence allowing the Torontos to step into a second place tie with West Toronto Nationals in the Senior O.H.A standings, four points behind the league leading Bengals.
Bennet, Blake, Farrell and Conick were the best for the homesters while Shill, Smith, Hodges and Farrant stood out for the winners. Scoring for the Torontos came from Shill from Farrant and Hodges in the first period with Kitchen from Lamport sealing the victory in the third period.

lineup standings

Game vs Varsity, Thurs. Feb. 8, 1934

The Spectator headline on Feb. 9 read

"McGowan Injured As Bengals Blank Blues"

"Centre Star Suffers Broken Nose in Hamilton's 9-2 Triumph"

The Bengals top line of Bennett, Blake and Conick romped about the ice and completely dominated the game accounting for seven of the nine goals. Conick and Bennett scored 3 goals apiecewith Blake adding one. Blake added three assissts, Bennett two and Conick one. It was a poor defensive effort by the Blues and only a fine performance by their goalieShipp stopped it from being worse. Hamilton goalie Marsh stood out throughout allowing only two late markers when the game was already essentially over. See scoring summary below for furtrher details and the standings with the Bengals still solidly in first place followed by the Torontos.

lineup lineup standings

Game vs Toronto Nationals, Fri. Feb. 16, 1934

The Spectator headline on Feb. 17 read

"Bengals Upset Nats In Overtime Battle"

"Yellow and Black Lengthen First Place Lead With 4 to 3 Victory"

With first place in hand, many critics may have felt the Tigers would take one on the chin last night here against the west Toronto Nationals, their foremost contenders in the league. These critics turned out to be wrong as the Tigers disposed of the second place Nats in a hectic overtime battle winning by a score of 4-3 and clinching first in the final standings.
The West Nationals scored one in each of the first two periods, leading 2-0 heading to the third. The Tigers steamed back and rammed in three straight to take thee lead before the Nats scored again to force overtime. Although the Tigers missed many chances throughout the wide-open fast paced match, they did gain the advantage with the only score in the overtime. Both teams showed very well in putting on an exciting match to greatly please the fans. Although he did not see as much action as Stein in the other net, Hamilton goalie "Hawse" Marsh put on a stalwart performance when required.
It was a great night for the defence as Farrell scored twice and Howard once in the third to take the lead. This advantage lasted only thirty seconds as McNeill blasted a shot past Marsh to send the game to overtime. It was an even overtime before Blake shoved home a pass close in from Conick to put the Tigers ahead to stay. Playoffs will start next

lineup lineup

Playoff game 1 vs Torontos, Fri. Feb23, 1934

The Spectator headline on Feb. 24 read

"Tigers Stage Finish to OvercomeTorontos' Big Lead"

"Hamiltonians Gain Even Break in First Game of O.H.A. Semi-FinALS"

"Rally Strongly to Outplay Rivals in Last Half and Gain Tie Score"

Torontos scored in the first minute of play at Maple Leaf Gardens last night and followed with two more counters in the second period to take a seemingly insurmountable lead. However the Bengals took charge and counted three markers before the end of the fracas to gain the 3-3 tie.
Dynamic left winger Toe Blake sparked the comeback making a dazzling rush after a pass from Conick and beat Goldie from close in. Five minutes later Chisholm scored to bring the Tigers to within one goal at the end of the second period. One goal down the Bengals increased the pressure in the third and when Conick beat Goldie on a pass from Bennett six minutes into the third frame the tie was assured.
Blake and McGowan stood out for the Bengals, but every man on the ice for both teams gave a brilliant effort in an outstanding performance by two fine teams.

pic lineup

Playoff Game 2 vs Torontos, Tues, Feb. 27, 1934

The Spectator headline on Feb. 28 read

"Tigers Top Torontos In Return Clash and Win Place In Finals"

"Bengals Oust Vaunted Halliwell Crew With Ease to Triumph 5-1.
Now Meet Niagara Falls Cataracts for Senior O.H.A. Championship"

The largest crowd of several seasons last night saw the Hamilton Tigers give the over-hyped Torontos a thorough shellacking to the tune of 5 goals to one. Toronto was unable to put forth any strong passing attack and were forced to make any scoring attempts from long range. Meanwhile the Bengals used speed to their advantage combined with clever passing plays . This produced many more scoring chances than the Torontos. Indeed the Tigers threatened the net throughout the game and only the excellent goaltending of Durnan prevented the score from being more lopsided. Most of the Torontos attack was limited to long shots which goalie Marsh handled easily.
The dynamite line of Bennett, Blake and were dynamite with their rushes driving right into the Torontos goalmouth prompted by the excellent passing from Conick. McGowan was also magical providing two goals. Combined with Chisholm and Fitzgerald this provided a second strong offensive thrust.
The Bengals will now face the Niagara Falls Cataracts for the league championship.

lineup sotrail

Senior O.H.A. Finals Game 1 vs Niagara Falls Cataracts, March 1934

The Spectator headline read

"Tigers Rapid Firing Brings Victory" Over Tenacious Cataracts

"Bengals, Despite Lapse From Best Form, Gain 5-2 Triumph In First Game"

"Take Advantage of Niagara Penalties To Pile Up Handsome Lead"

Despite a sluggish effort, the Bengals were able to take advantage of Cataracts Penalties and their tenacius ply to walk away from the Falls arena with a three goal lead in the two-game playoff series.
When the Cataracts took the first penalty of the game the Tigers quickly potted two goals in a span of five seconds and added a third two minutes later to lead 3-0 at the end of the first. Goals were scored by Farrell from Blake, Bennett from Conick and Fitzgerald on a neat play from McGowan. Peterkin narrowed the gap when he shot through a plethora of legs half way through the period. Marsh didn't even see the shot. When Farrell went off two minutes later, the Falls mounted a ganging attack with Steele banging in a rebound from Bowman leaving the score 3-2 at the end of the second frame.
In the third, a penalty again resulted in a a Tiger goal when Conick picked up a perfect pass from Farrell and backhanded a beautiful shot past Cuthbert. Fifteen seconds later on a three man rush Blake skated through the defence and bulged the twine again. Goalie Marsh held strong the rest of the way against a sustained Cataract attack to leave the Bengals with a 5-2. victory.

pic lineup


Senior O.H.A. Finals Game 2 vs Niagara Falls Cataracts, March 1934

The Spectator headline read

"Bengals Take Title With Handy Triumph Over Niagara Falls"

"Three Goal Splurge in Second Period Brinngs 4-1 Vicory to Bengals"

"Redding Men Overcome Stubborn Resistance to Eliminate Cataracts"

Before a packed house it was the second period before the Bengals took charge when Steve Conick rammed home the fierst goal of the game on a pass from Blake eight minutes into the period.. Within four more minutes The homesters had rammed in two more goals to lead 3-0 a little over half way through the game.
In goal Cuthbert was tested much more then Marsh of the Tigers and managed to keep the Tigers to three goals despite many more scoring chances. The Tigers now begin the allen Cup playdowns by taking on the Windsor Mic Maks.

lineup lineup

Playoff Game 1 vs Windsor Mic Macs, 1934

The Spectator headline read

"Windsor Held Tiger Machine to 3-3 Tie"

"Senior B Champions Gave Locals a Hard Game at Arena Last Night"

Before a record crowd of shocked patrons the Senior B Champions held the Senior A champions well in check until the Tigers broke through with six minutes to go scoring two markers by Fitzgerald andd Bennett. Windsor turned the former Hamilton Patricias speedster Gordie Anderson on Maxie Bennett last night, thus reducing th effectiveness of Hamilton's top line. Only in the closing minutes did the Redding men, desperate after repeated offensive failures, break through to score two quick goals to claim a tie on the night's effort. As a result, the winner of the second here will continue on to pursue the Allen Cup.
Goals for the Tigers were two from Fitzgerald and the tying goal by Bennett from Farrell with barely over two minutes remainning in the match. Scoring for the Mic Macs were two goals by Kennedy and a single by Foote.

lineup lineup

Playoff Game 2 vs Windsor Mic Macs, 1934

lineup The Spectator headline read

"Jungle Kings Best In Finnal Encounter"

"Tigers Defeat Windsor Mic Macs, 5-2, to Continue in Allen Cup Playdowns"

Before a record howling crowd at the arena the Tigers stormed to a 3-1 lead at the end of the first period powered by goals from Howard, Farrell and Bennett.
The Tigers were full value for their victory as they carried most of the play with speed and fine passing combinations. Only erratic shooting and excellent goaltending by Shaleski in the Windsor net kept the score from being even higher.. The Bengals were scating much better than in the game 1 tie and were able to break through the attempys at close checking by Windsor.
Again it was the "Kid Line" of Conick, Bennett and Blake that led the team with Blake and Bennett scoring one apiece and Conick adding two assists.
Their next opponent will be the Falconbridge Falcons, champions of the Northern conference.

Playoff Game 1 vs Falconbridge Falcons, 1934

The Spectator headline read

"Bengals Score Over Northerners In First"

"Win By 3-1From Falconbxridge Falcons in Opening of Play-offs"

Speeding to victory at Toronto last night, the Tigers showed a decisive margin in play and yet were unable to score until only 15 seconds remained in petiod 1 when Jack Worthy scored from Chisholm. Worthy was called up to replace the injured Gooney McGowan and contributed well by scoring two of the Tigers three goals.
Although outplayed on the night, Falcons were a difficult opponent as they combined excellent goaltending with close checking to keep the match close. In the second period the Falcons scored their only goal to tie the game until Worthy put the Bengals ahead 2-1 on a pass fro m Chisholm. The contribution of the second line was important as the first line were held in check until bennett scored on a nifty pass fromm Conick in the third period. Despite innnumerable scoring chances the Bengals top line was held in check until that point.
The tigers have succeeded in having the second game of the total points series transferred to Hamilton which is an important advantage with the Falcons having their backs against the wall.

lineup lineup

Playoff Game 2 vs Falconbridge Falcons, 1934

lineup The Spectator headline read

"Bengals Triumph in Return Battle Here"

"Eliminate Falconbridge Falcons and Qualify for Eastern Semi-Finals"

Continuing their hunt for a Dominion Championship, the Tigers improved their chances by polidhing of the Falconbrige Falcons by a score of 3-1 giving them a 6-2 advantage on the series.
It was a slow start for the homesters with the first period ending scoreless. Despite the close and hard checking of the Falcons and the excellent work of goalie Healey, the Tigers did manage to take the lead on a goal by Chisholm in the second period which ended with the Bengals leading 1-0. Falconbridge tallied their lone counter early in the third to tie the score 1-1. At this point the Tigers quickly countered with a tally from Blake to take the lead again with Bennett finishing them off with the games final counter on a pass from Conick. Throughout the Bengals had the most scoring chances with goalie Healey of the Falcons being much busier than Marsh of the Bengals.
Their next opponent will be Ottawa beginning Thursday night.

Eastern Semi-Finals Game 1 vs Ottawa New Edinburghs, Thursday March 22, 1934

The Spectator headline read

"Tigers Top Ottawas By Lone Counter in Brilliant Struggle"

"Gain 2-1 Win Over New Edinburghs in First of Eastern Semi-Finals"

"Marsh Plays Spectacularly to Back Up Enthused Play of Hamilton Squad"

Before a crowd of 6,000 fans the Bengals left the nation's capital tonight after a tough, exciting battle with a 2-1 victory. The Ottawas tried to slow down the speedy Bengals with a combination of close checking and rough play.
With no scoring in the first period, Fitzgerald opened the scoring in the second with Godin tying the game later in the period. Blake scored in the third period on a combination with Bennett and Conick to put Hamilton up 2-1. The New Edinburghs tried valiantly to even the score but were thwarted by the outstanding play of goalie "Hawse" Marsh. Indeed on two separate occasions he came out of the net to daringly break up dangerous rushes of his opponents.
The Tigers will leave Ottawa carrying a slim one goal margin to resume the two-game, total-point series Saturday night at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens

lineup lineup

Eastern Semi-Finals Game 2 vs Ottawa New Edinburghs, Saturday March 24 , 1934

The Spectator headline read

"Blake's Great Goal Sends Bengals Into Eastern Ice Final"

"Sturdy left-winger Counts With Seconds To Go To Defeat Ottawa Squad"

"Tigers Finish Saturday's Game With 2-2 Score, But Triumph on the Round"

With Ottawa leading 2-1 and within minutes of tying the series , Toe Blake notched the tying goal of the game from Conick and Bennett to send the Bengals into the Eastern Final and continue their quest for the Allan Cup. This made the total score on the round 5-4 for the Bengals Although the score seems close the speedy Tigers held a wide margin in play and shots on goal. Ottawa used a combination of close checking and stiff body-checking to keep the contest close.
The game score was tied at the end of the second period with Hamilton goals by Blake and Bennett. Ottawa's greatest asset was goalie Peterkin as he was often bombarded with multiple consecutive shots and still the score was tied after 40 minutes. Indeed when Morrison scored for the New Edinburghs in the third period, Tigers faced the possibility of a tie in the series.

lineup lineup

Eastern Finals Game 1 vs Moncton, Saturday March 30, 1934 at Maple Leaf Gardens

The Spectator headline read

"Tigers Drop First of Eastern Finals To Powerful Hawks"

"Lose By 2-0 as Allen Cup Holders Stage Great Finish in Opening Contest"

"Bengals Miss Farrell and McGowan in Hectic Battle at Toronto Last Night"

Injuries to Farrell and McGowan, both integral parts of the Bengal team, played a large part inn the loss of the first game to Moncton. This place extra pressure on Hamilton's top line of Conick, Blake and Bennett who battled fiercely, but were unable to score on their many chances. The defence was also under pressure as most of the shifts were left to Radke and Howard, badly missing the speedy, hard-hitting Farrell. Despite the missing regulars, the team battled fiercely and held the powerful Moncton squad off the scoreboard until they netted their two scores in the third period. The Tigers will resume the two-game, total-point series Friday night again at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens

Eastern Final Game 2 vs Moncton, April 5, 1934

The Spectator headline read

"Bengals Beaten in Great Battle With Allan Cup Holders"

"Crippled Hamiltonians Superb in Desperate Fight to Avoid Elimination"

"Triumph in Second Game, 2-1. But Lose on Round Through Late Goal"

As Hamilton's Bengals reached the end of the trail last night, it was only after a courageous display of sheer grit led them to a 2-1 victory in game 2 of the series. Unfortunately they lost game 1 2-0 and hence the series 3 goals to 2.
It was the climax of a brilliant season that saw the Bengals lose only five times in some forty games. The game itself was a classic that saw a team with one star player out and several others so battered that they were almost unfit to play. However they fought brilliantly and managed to tie the series with two goals in the second period by Worthy from Fitzgerald and the second by defenceman Jack Howard. Unfortunately the Bengals star goalie "Hawse" Marsh was injured in the third period, but was forced to continue playing. This led to the series winning goal late in the third by Moncton and the elimination of the Tigers in their quest to win the national championship.

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