TIGERS first game vs Ottawa at Ottawa, Oct. 7:

"The Spectator headline on Monday morning read "TIGERS FUMBLES, MISPLAYS AID RIDERS IN PILING UP MARGIN"
"Line Held Ottawa Huskies in game at Capital But Mistakes and Weak Defence Against Passing of Burke Reasons for Drubbing"

It was the mighty passing arm of Orville Burke and the poor pass defence of the Bengals that led to the 32 - 4 pasting they took in the Nation's capital. The line held well, allowing only two significant plunges, but the pass defence must be improved if they are to be competitive this season. The Tigers played well approaching scoring position in each of the 4 quarters, but fumbles, misplays and a poor passing attack prevented them from scoring points. Outstanding for the Tigers were Manorek with a find defensive performance, Whitaker running back punts for good gains and a fine kicking performance by Scotty Wright. Red Dunn also turned in a sparkling performance and was named Team Captain after the game.
An improved passing attack and pass defence will benecessary next week if they are to beat the Argos when they return home to the HAAA grounds.

Red Dunn pic game 1 vs Ottawa game 1 vs Ottawa

Game 2 vs Argos at HAAA, Oct. 14:

The Spectator headline on Monday morning read "ARGONAUTS PASSING ATTACK TOO STRONG FOR PALMERITES"
"Canadian Champions Hand Bengals 16 to 1 Pasting Before 6,000 Spectators HAAAA field __ Storey and Stukus Big Stars" game 2  vs argos
Before a crowd that contained more than 2000 members of Canada's active military units, the Bengals were completely defenceless when the Argos presented their superior aerial attack. Had the Tigers been able to stop this excellent passing display, the outcome might have been different as this was the Argos main weapon.
The Tigers passed well also, completing 11 of 17 for a total yardage of 73 yards while the Argos only threw 12 passes but for well over 100 yarda enabling them to score 3 touchdowns in the first 3 quarters. Much of the damage was done by the combination of pivot Bill Stukus and Red Storey. On one series the Argos moved the ball from their 45 yard line to score a TD using four perfect throws. While the Tigers also moved the ball well, they were unable to score on the times they were deep in Argo territory. This lack of scoring punch seems to be their problem this season as theey match up well in all other departments, even outplaying the Argos much of the time.
The Tigers lone point came late in the final frame on a punt by Bob Isbester for a rouge. The Tigers had the ball within 25 yarda of the Argo goal line many times but were unable to take advantage of these chances. This was the difference as the Argos were able to capitalize on their scoring chances when presented with passing touchdowns scored by Bernie Thornton and Red Storey. The Bengals played well considering they have 12 rookies on the team. Teddy Manorek, Denny Whitaker, Eddie Jordan, Red Stevens, Jack Craig and Bill Murmylyk all showed senior calibre, with Jordan showing excellent form after taking a pass from Whitaker and racing 45 yards down the sideline bowling over several would be Argo tacklers in the process.. however, as ususal this did not result in any scoring by the Tigers.

game 2 pics of captains

Game 3 vs Montreal at Montreal, Oct.21:

The Spectator headline on Monday morning read "MURMYLYK KICKS PLACEMENT TO GIVE TIGERS FIRST WIN"
" "Three Point Score From Difficult Angle Turns Defeat Into Victory for Local Contingent __ Isbister Passes and Boots Well"
Tigers defeated Montreal on Saturday when Bill Murmylyk came off the bench in the final quarter and booted a 25 yard field goal to put the Bengals ahead to stay by a score of 4 to 2. This was a remarkable achievment given the rain drenched field, mud soaked ball, difficult angle and the fact that Bill had just come retirement after quitting the team earlier in the season.
Up to this point it had been a tough battle in difficult conditions and th Tigers were trailing 2 points to 1. But the heavy line pounding and a pass attack that started to work lead to a long drive in the final stanza, wearing the Royals down and moving the ball deep into Montreal territory. The drive featured an 18 yard pass from Isbister to Edwards, soon followed by a 25 yarder to put ther ball at the Montreal 2t5 yard line where Murmylyk came off the bench and booted for victory. A small crowd of less than 500 endured the poor conditions and watched the plunging and backfield work of the Royals give advantage in the early going, but the kicking of Noseworthy and Westman was overshadowed By the Bengals Isbister and Wright. This held the Royals to their early 2 to 1 advantage and lasted until the final quarter when Murmylyk put the game away for the Bengals. With the continued improvement by the Bengals they should be well positioned to defeat the Royals again when they meet at HAAA grounds this Saturday.

game 1 vs montreal game 1 vs montreal

Game 4 vs Montreal at HAAA, Oct. 28:

The Spectator headline on Monday morning read "TIGERS HUMBLE MONTREAL CUBS IN CLOSE STRUGGLE"
"Gain Second Straight Big Four Triumph by 5 - 0 Margn as Strachan Gives Mighty Aid With Fine Kicking"
It was a fine victory for the Tigers who took advantage of their opportunities in a game in which they were outplayed badly. Montreal had 13 first downs to the Tigers 3. They gained 184 yards from scrimmage to the Tigers 94 and they tossed passes for a gain of 77 yards to the Tigers 12. The difference came in the strong kicking game of Strachan which kept the Montrealers back in their own end much of the time. Again this week it was Turnbull who got the Tigers scoring underway when Jimmy Dunn broke through the line to block a kick at midfield which the speedy Turnbull picked up and scampered for a touchdown. Afain in the second quarter Turnbull pounced on a loose ball and kicked it to the Montreal 15 yard line shere he fell on it to give Whitaker and his offence possession of the ball. Whitaker followed with a plunge of 8 yards and then passed to Edwards for the team's second try. This was another case of capitalizing on the opponents mistakes and turning them into touchdowns.
Montreal also got a touchdown in the first after some spectacular passing, combined with excellent line play by Segatore. In the second quarter Morley cut further into the Tigers lead with a 40-yard placement. However it was the second half where the Bengals were badly out-played and only a stalwart effort by the defence prevented them from any scoring. Next week's battle in the nation's capital against the powerful Rough Riders will go a long way in determining if the boys from Hamilton have any chance at the league title this year.

game 1 vs montreal
game 4 vs montreal game 4 vs montreal

Game 5 vs Argos at Varsity, Nov. 4:

"Three Points in Dying Minutes of Game Result in 9 to 8 Victory for Canadian Champions -- Tigers Best Team on Field"

The Bengals spotted the Argos an early touchdown on a Red Storey effort, but from that point on they had the most scoring chances, but failed to capitalize on enough of them to gain the victory. Twice Bill Murmylyk was in position for placements, but on both occasions the attempts failed, gaining only a single point on one of them. On another occasion Murmylyk was wide open in the Argo end zone but the forward pass from Isbister fell short of his outstretched hands. It was bad breaks of this sort that robbed the Tigers of a victory they should have had. Excellent line play on both sides of the ball held the Argos in check for most of the day and opened many gaping holes for Manorek to achieve some excellent runs. However, as has been the story all season, the boys from Hamilton were not able to capitalize on their chances.
It was two fine runs by Storey that lead to the Argo victory, the first being a try and the second a 50 yard jaunt leading to the placement late in the fourth quarter. A final drive by the Tigers to the 40 yard line of the Argos could have given a single point if Isbister had punted, but a victory to remain in playoff contention was needed and Murmylyk's placement fell 5 yards short, with the Argos taking possession and running out the clock.
The loss leaves the Tigers with a 2 - 3 record and means they are eliminated from the race for the Big Four title.

game 2  vs argos game 2 vs argos

Game 6 vs Ottawa at HAAA, Nov. 11:

The Spectator headline on Monday morning read "RIDERS GREAT SPEED BAFFLED BENGALS IN CLOSING FIXTURE"
"Big Four Leaders Scored Enough Points in Opening Quarter to Clinch Victory -- Griffin, Tommy, Golab Stars -- Manorek Best for Tigers"

Ottawa's hand-picked stars from all over thje province dominated the firstthree quarters with using their speed to give devasting plunges and dazzling end runs ton handily defeat the game Bengals by a 25 to 7 count.
The Bytowners piled up 13 points in the first quarter, added another 6 in the secondnand likewise in the third. The other point after the four converted touchdowns was a single booted by McWatters in the initial frame. The Bengals only try came from a drive that started at the 55 yardline and after several successful passes from Whitaker to hsi receivers Manorek took it in from the two yard line for the score, converted. The other point scred by an Isbister kick in the third quarter.
This ends the season for the Bengals with a 2 - 4 record and again out of the playoffs. The Riders and Argos will face off in their first playoff match this Saturday.

game 2 vs ottawa standings6

IRFU Final series Ottawa vs Toronto, Nov. 18, 26:

"Rough Riders Unable to Stop Triumphant Trek of Oarsmen, Sarnia, Minus Stirling for Half the game, Defeat Montreal Nats" "ARGONAUTS MEET IMPERIALS IN EASTERN CANADIAN FINAL"
Imperials downed the Nationals to win their two game series easily by a count of 24 - 5 while the Argos outpaced the Riders 14 - 4 in their series. The two teams will meet Saturday to decide who wiil play in the Grey Cup against Winnipeg.

Grey Cup 1939, Argos vs Winnipeg:

Winnipeg wins -- score 8 to 7.


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