1934 Pre-Season

The arrival of Johnny Ferraro, an American from Cornell University gave promise to an interesting season for the Tigers. 1934
The offense will feature new formations and plays including the forward pass which was approved in 1931. The preseason included a scrimmage with the ORFU team and exhibition matches against Queens and Western. The final pre-season match against Western was an impressive 32 to 2 victory. According to the Hamilton Spectator in the Sept. 29 victory. "The big difference was the presence of the head coach, in uniform, for Johnny showed the world that he can play that football game like it should be played demonstrating all round football that ranged from pivot duties to tricky combination plays, straight plunges, kicking and a forward passing attack that at once was accurate and most deadly." Two touchdowns each were score by Thornton, Jeffers and Timmis. A fine allround effort was put in by the rest of the squad. This was their final preparation for the season opener Saturday Oct. 6 in Ottawa against the Rough Riders.

Game 1 vs Ottawa in Ottawa, Oct. 6:

"Jungle Kings Start Big Four Race With Impressive Victory", was the Spectator headline on Monday.

A fierce battle in the mud and rain featured a touchdown by Wilson and great kicking by Turville leading the Tigers to an impressive road win by a score of 9 - 1. Great passing by Ferraro and outstanding kicking by Turville, accompanied by dominant line play was the key to the victory. The Riders were held to 3 first downs by the powerful defensive line. The slippery conditions did not stop "a display of running catches, fast returns and twisting runs seldom seen on a dry field." Ottawa football critics admitted to being badly outplayed by the Jungleers in this opening match of the season. Coach Ferraro noted that no injuries had occurred in the first 3 games and attributed this to the outstanding conditioning of the Tigers. This fact should make them the favourites in their home opener at the HAAA grounds against the Montreal Wheelers next Saturday, Oct. 13.

Game 2 vs Montreal at HAAA grounds, oct.13:

After outplaying the Wheelers for most of the game the Bengals had to settle for an 8 - 8 tie in the end. 1934
A magnificent run by Perry followed by a field goal late in game forced the Jungle Kings to settle for the tie. The Bengals were leading 2 - 1 at the half on two singles by Turville. A field goal and a rouge by the Wheelers put Montreal ahead by a score of 5 - 2 at the end of the third quarter. In the fourth quarter Johnny Ferraro finally got his passing attack going "with a pair of beauties to Jeffers and Turville and then took all the fine edges off the Montreal line with a series of off-tackle plunges with Small and Timmis that culminated in a touchdown, which Turville converted." This left the Tigers with an 8 - 5 edge heading in to the final 3 minutes. It was at this point that Perry and Welch took over and managed the tie.

It was a most unsatisfying outcome for the Jungle Kings as they played well for most of the game. However some bad passes, two blocked kicks and 7 fumbles, three recovered by Montreal, led to the unsatisfactory outcome. The tie leaves the Tigers and Wheelers tied atop the standings with the Argos in second place and the Rough Riders in the basement. Saturday's battle against the Dominion Champion Argos at Varsity stadium will be an important one.

Game 3 vs Toronto at Varsity stadium, oct.20:

The headline in Monday's Spectator read "Jungle Kings Rally Fiercely and Swamp Dominion Champions."
"Great Comeback Turns Defeat Into Victory for Tigers at Toronto - Wilson's 95-Yard Run for Try Starts Bengals Toward 17-to-9 Triumph "

A blocked kick which turned into an Argos touchdown left the Bengals trailing 9 - 1 at the half. But the Tigers proved to the fifteen thousand fans that they have what it takes by making a fierce comeback in the second half against the Oarsmen. A blocked kick enabled Seymour to pick up the loose ball and race 95 yards to score the Tigers first touchdown. This turnaround led the Tigersvto 11 points in the third quarter followed by 5 more in the final quarter resulting in their 17 - 9 triumph.

A sloppy first half filled with bad passes and fumbles by the backfielders led to the 9 - 1 deficit at half-time. However Wilson?s 95 yard run inspired them to turn the game around and was the key to the victory. Combined with a Montreal defeat at the hands of the Rough Riders, this left the Jungle Kings atop the standings in the IRFU, two points ahead of the Montreal Wheelers

Game 4 vs Toronto at HAAA grounds, Oct. 27:

toronto2 1934

After a bitter even struggle in the cold, mud and rain, this important game resulted in a 3 - 3 tie, once again leaving the race for the IRFU title in doubt with two games remaining. With the Bengals poised to score late in the game, victory was within their grasp. However a crucial mistake, an illegal pass, forced the Tigers to settle for a tie.

Because of the conditions, it was a game dominated by plunges and kicking with single points being greatly valued. The forward pass was of little value in this match. With each team scoring a single point the game was tied at the half 1 - 1. In the third quarter Argos led briefly when took a single point. However the Bengals scored a safety touch to retake the lead 3 - 2 at the end of the third quarter. The Argos tied it up on the fourth quarter with another single point, leaving the late game mistake giving the Argos the tie in a game that the 8, 000 hardy fans thought was going to be a victory. This was the second straight home game resulting in a tie, both leaving an unsatisfying taste in the fans mouths as they felt the Jungle Kings deserved to win in both matches.

Game 5 vs Montreal in Montreal, Nov.3:

The Bengals failed utterly to clinch the Big Four title as they were totally outplayed by an inspired Red and Blue Montreal squad. A mistake ridden effort by the Bengals and outstanding defensive play by the Red and Blue led to a crushing 13 - 0 defeat in Montreal.


After a scoreless first quarter, touchdowns by Perry and Grant gave the Red and Blue a 12 - 0 lead at the half. Montreal?s best advance came in the second quarter when Welch slipped through a broken field for a forty yard gain followed by an excellent left end run by Gordie Perry for a 25 yard touchdown run. Although weather conditions were good, the Tigers had ten fumbles, losing four while The Montrealers had only two fumbles losing none. The Tigers mounted a fierce fourth quarter passing attack which gave them 6 of their ten first downs. However 5 interceptions prevented them from doing any damage. The loss leaves Montreal in first place by a margin of one point.

Game 6 vs Ottawa at HAAA grounds, Nov.10:

The Spectator headline on Monday Nov. 12 read "JUNGLE KINGS DEFEAT OTTAWA AND CAPTURE BIG FOUR GRID TITLE"

eastern final vs sarnia 1934
This hard earned victory, combined with the Argonaut win over Montreal left the Tigers in first place and IRFU champs. The powerful Sarnia Imperials will be their next opponent to determine the Eastern representative in The national title for the Grey Cup. "Sharing in the plaudits for the Bengal victory were Smiley, Wright, Small, Agnew, Craig and Jeffers." They were the backfielders who overpowered their opponents. "On the line Timmis, Stull, Blum, Brock, Dunn, Friday, the Mountains and Summerhayes fought with abandon with Timmis, Dunn and Blum being particularly prominent for much of the time."

The game started slowly with no scoring in the first quarter. Turville?s strong kicking game kept the Ottawa squad off balance. Finally late in the quarter Ferraro came on with a fine pass to Wilson on a sleeper play. After an excellent run he lateralled to Smiley to complete a 20 - yard gain. Later a Ferraro to Turville pass put Tigers 25 yards out to end the first quarter. To start the second quarter Turville booted a 25- yard field goal from placement to start the scoring.

Following an interception by Johnson, Tigers scored a single on a kick by Turville from a placement 40 yards out. Later in the half, after a combined Turville and Simpson punt return to midfield, Turville took a 35-yard pass from Ferraro at the Ottawa twenty and raced in for a touchdown which he failed to convert. A rouge by Turville before the half left the Bengals leading 10 - 0 at half-time. Ottawa scored a safety and a field goal in the third quarter to complete the scoring leaving the Tigers with a 10-5 victory and the Big Four title.

Hamilton Tigers Football Team 1934

hamilton tigers football 1934

eastern final vs sarnia 1934


The Spectator headline on Monday Nov. 12 read "IMPERIALS ROUTED TIGERS BY SCORE OF 11 TO 4 TO ENTER CANADIAN FINAL"

Although the Bengals carried the play for most of the game, costly errors in judgement and six fumbles led to their eventual downfall. This left the Sarnia Imperials as Eastern Canada champs and holding the right to meet Regina Rough Riders to decide the national champions and Grey Cup winners. The game will be next Saturday.

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