Grey Cup 1928, Hamilton Tigers vs Regina:

grey cup 29

The Spectator headline on Monday morning read "Tigers Brilliant in Closing Struggle and Take Honours Handily "
Crowned Canadian Champions With 30-0 Victory Over Regina Rough Riders
Game Effort of Western Champs Futile Against Rapid-Fire Attack of Bengals

The Bengals, clearly the superior and more experienced team, demolished the Regina lads this day by a score of 30 - 0. The scoring was led by Jimmy Simpson and Brian Timmis who each scored two touchdowns.

TIGERS first 1929 game vs Montreal at HAAA grounds :

"Bengals open season by crushing the Winged Wheelers 15 - 0 in a powerful display.
game 1 vs montreal It was a lacklustre affair because the Tigers were able to stop any offensive thrusts with ease. the Montrealers were held in their own end and unable to threaten to score at all. The combination of Broadway, Welch and "Beano" Wright in the backfield performed smoothly and showed strong possibilities for future games. Neither team showed their top form in this first game, perhaps because of lack of an exhibition game. Tigers superb kicker Welch badly outplayed the Montreal punter Whitty and was responsible for pinning the Wheelers in their own end for much of the contest. This combined with the Tigers excellent line play and open field tackling spearheaded by Simpson and Fear, who appeared to be in mid-season form, contributed to the domination. So dominant was the Bengals defense, the Wheelers were unable to cross the mid-field mark throughout the entire game.

In the first half Huck Welch broke the monotony of the tight defensive battle when he broke away on a fake kick on third down and showed some fancy running ability to carry the ball to the Montreal 15. Montreal held firmly on two raps and bean Wright was able to split the goalposts for a placement. A rouge by Wright shortly after allowed the Tigers to lead 6 - 0 at the half.
A third quarter touchdown by Timmis and 3 singles in the fourth quarter completed the scoring.

Game 2 vs Toronto at Varsity Stadium:

The Spectator headline on Monday morning read "Bengals Come From Behind to Nose Out Argos in Wild Tilt"

"Jungle Kings Finished with 6 - 5 Decision After Trailing at Half Time
Scullers Battled Sensationally to Hold Champions at Varsity Stadium"

Last years Dominion champs were given all they could hadle from a determined Argo team in Saturday's contest at Varsity Stadium. The Scullers battled ferociously and refused to give in to a more talented team. The Bengals were unable to score at all in the first half against a stubborn Argo team. In the second half they began to take over as expected, but without result and the Hamiltonians were almost facing a humiliating defeat. Finally in the third quarter they did manage a field goal by Wright and a single to leave the score 4 - 4 at the end of the quarter. In the fourth quarter a safety touch on Turville to Argos single point was enough to seal the victory and leave them in fkrst place with a 2 - 0 record.

game 2 vs Toronto

game 2 vs Toronto


game 1 vs ottawa
game 1 vs ottawa

Credit:Tiger fooball library

Game 3 vs Ottawa at HAAA grounds Oct.22:

The Spectator headline on Monday morning read "JUNGALEERS PILE UP 55 - 6 SCORE ON OTTAWAS FOR THIRD STRAIGHT WIN
game 1 vs ottawa While the outcome was no surprise as the Tigers were heavy favouritied, it was a home crowd pleasing display featuring excellent rearguard work, spectacular line plunges, risky ball-handling and heady kicking duels. The visitors were limited because of the absence of 5 veterans and seemed almost powerless to stop the superior offensive display put on by the Tigers.
Tigers gained yards on the line 33 times to Ottawa's 2. Line charges proved effective as well as a steady and vast threat from the backfield where every ballcarrier had a great day. This advantage was augmented by the kicking of Wright, Gibb and Leadley.. Also Small, Langley and Wright contributed to this facet of the game by booting returns that had great height and distance.
Frequent fumbles by the Ottawas gave the Bengals many opportunities which they capitalized upon. their loose ball handling gave the Ottaws as many chances, but they were unable to capitalize on them due to the stout tigers defence. Poor tackling by Ottawa also contibuted to their demise, while the deadly tackling of the Tigers feattured thee likes of Simpson, Fear, a and the Wrights, keeping Ottawa bottled up for most of the match.
The next game is against the Wheelers in Montreal and a victory would solidify their bid for the league title again.
game 1 vs ottawa

Credit:Tiger football library

Game 4 vs Montreal at Montreal, Oct. 29:

game 2 vs montreal

Tigers are shut out 5-0 by the Winged Wheelers in reversal at Molson Stadium. This leaves the possibility of a three way deadlock for the title with two games left to play. The talented, confident Tigers were surprised by the good form of the Wheelers. The mighty Tiger line gained yards 14 times to the Wheelers 7, but were repelled when they approached any scoring chances.
It is to the Tigers credit that they were fighting all the way, even crashing for big gains in the dying moments, but to no avail as they still failed to score. Much credit goes to Moore and Perry for their backfield play in running back kicks for large gains and extensions that also were successful. The dominant kicking performance of Whitty drove the Tigers back negating any gains they had made on plunges. Next week's battle agains the Argos at HAAA will go a long way in determining if the boys from Hamilton win the league title this year.

Game 5 vs Argos at HAAA grounds, Nov. 5:

Leading only 5 - 4 after three quarters in a tight match, the Tigers dominated the 4th quarter with two touchdowns and a single to defeat the Argos 16 - 4. This leaves them in first place overall with a 4 - 1 record and the Argos and Ottawa tied for second wth 3 - 2 records/
The Argos, led by Frank Turville, gave the Bengals a fierce battle all the way until the 4th quarter when the superbly talented Tigers took control. The Argos success was mainly due to Turville's brilliant play and the Bengals defensive plans were totally focussed on stopping him. He alone was the reason the score was so close until the final quarter.
The Oarsman managed to keep the Bengals mostly bottled up in the first half with a fine defensive effort. This was aided by a display of erratic ball-handlin gby the tigers reulting in too many fumbles. In the second half the Tigers began to huddle up to call their plays and this began to make a great difference in their offensive effeorts. Indeed Argos led 4 - 0 into the second quarter led by a placement and single by a placement and single by Turville. At this point the youthful Huck Welch began to shine. His powerful kicking held the Argos back and his excellent running led the offense His open field running and punt returns, drawing tacklers and passing to his mates gave him a starring role in the comeback and he managed to overshadow the great Turville. The last regular season game will be in Ottawa next Saturday.

game 2 vs argos standings2

Game 6 vs Ottawa at Ottawa, Nov. 12:

game 2 vs ottawa
After their surprising loss to the Wheelers, the Bengals made some changes in their starting lineup and came out with a renewed determination to make a different outcome. The Senators also made changes which made them a worthy opposition. However the Tigers were to bounce back and prevail on this day despite a strong effort from the Ottawans. Three touchdowns in the first quarter and a stout defence put the contest of reach early for the Senators. Seldom did the Senators advance far enough to threaten to score even a single point. GThe game was essentially over at half time as the Tigers led 23 - 0 at this point. They added a touchdown in the third quarter and held the Senators off in the fourth to achieve their final victory of 28 - 0.
In addition to their excellent work on the lines, the offense displayed mech creativity with several extensions which often resulted in large gains. Two touchdowns by Boadway along with Wright, Elford and Timmis with single trys led them to their dominat victory. This leaves them as the IRFU champs, with games against Queens and Sarnia to come before they can declare themselves Eastern champions and get a chance to defend their Dominion championship against the representative from the West.

Eastern Playoffs 1929:

After defeating Queens 14 - 3, the Jungle Kings now faceoff against Sarnia to determine the Eastern champion.
It was a tight battle in the first half, with both teams scoring a single point when the strong wind was at their backs. The Bengals were their own worst enemy in the first half as fumbles and repeated penalties for offside and interference kept them from advancing. The ceaseless ahmmering of the Tiger offensive line eventually started to take it's toll on the Imperials in the third quarter when the Tigers were able to score a touchdown by Boadway and single points were scored by each team to put them ahead at 7-2 going into the fourth quarter.
Sarnia's attack featured extension run and a strong aerial game. The aerial attack was more than matched by the kicking of Welch, while the extensions were thwarted by the fleet footed Tiger wings and strong pursuit by others.
The fourth quarter would bring another touchdown for the Bengals resulting in a victory by the score of 14-2 and a ticket to the Grey cup next week vs Regina.
game 2 vs ottawa game 2 vs ottawa

game 2 vs ottawa

Grey Cup 1929, Hamilton Tigers vs Regina:

The Spectator headline on Monday morning read

"Bengals Upset Regina Rough Riders to Take Canadian Title Again"

Jungle Kings Battle Improved Western Team and Wintry Conditions to Triumph
Formard Pass Helps Visitors, But Fails to Prevent Tigers 14 to 3 Verdict

grey cup 29  The wintry conditions on thid day held the crowd to a shivering handful and made playing conditions difficult for both teams. A frozen field and icy wind gusts contributed to fumbles, players slipping on the field made Regina's passing game difficult. Both teams played hard and well, but a superior, more experienced Tigers team prevailed in the end. Indeed the score could have been higher if the many forays the Tigers made close to the Regina goal had paid dividends. But the slippery icy conditions caused them to lose all but one of these advantages. regina countered with a forward padd attack that resulted in some large gains of 30 yards or more and could have caused touchdowns if not for the alert play of Tiger defenders. All other aspects of the game were dominated by the Bengals, including kicking by Welch and Wright and superior line play and ground game. All the scoring was in single points with rouges, touch in goals and deadlines carrying the day. Only one touchdown was scored and this happened in the third quarter by Jimmy Simpson.
Ken Walker at quarter conducted a care offensive throughout mixing his plays well with effective plunges by Boadway, Timmis, Small, the Wright brothers, Elford and Inksetter, running well for various gains. Fear, Simpson and Jimmy Wright, the outsides had a great time tackling the Regina backfielders and sometimes breaking through to throw them for losses.
A Tiger break in the third quarter would bring the only touchdown of the day. Brown of Regina, in trying to return won of Welch's powerful kicks fumbled and Jimmy Simpson recovered and ran 40 yards for the major score with Cap Fear running behind him ready to help out if needed. Simpson tried the convert, but missed. The fourth quarter brought about five singles helped by the superb booting of Welch. One of the singles was gained by Leadlay as he made a sensational running catch and after eluding several tacklers booted to the deadline for the point. Late in the game the Tigers tried a forward pass of their own with Welch heaving a 30 yard pass to Simpson who took it perfectly and raced a few yards, tossing to Fear as he was being tackled. Fear took it in for a try which was disallowed because of an illegal lateral. This was the second try that was disallowed for the Tigers, as the previous one was on a forward pass deep in Regina territory and was disallowed due to violating the 25 - yard rule.

grey cup 29

grey cup 29


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