"The Spectator headline on Nov. 1 read:



Prospects for a fine season look good as according to the Spectator "Chisholm has other starry performers in Jimmy "Red" Dunn and Teddy Manorek, who played in senior ranks last season: Sherry and Bailley, two net tenders with City league experience: Robertson who worked out with Eddie Shore's Springfield Indians early this season: Johnny Conick, Ab Tonn, Nick Cinor, Miocinivitch, Hughie Barlow and Earl Baker." After tryouts every night this week and an exhibition game this weekend, he will make his 15 player selection for the season.

Dofascos first game vs Galt, Nov. 9 at Galt:

"The Spectator headline on Nov.10 read:


"Chisolm-coached Pucksters Score Two in Second and One in Third to Take Down 3-1 Verdict -- Bailley Plays Well"

Before 800 fans in Galt last night the Hamilton Dofasco Red Devils, led by Conick and Barlow and Bailley in goal started the season with a 3-1 trouncing of the Galt Terriers. This trio found able assistance from "Manorek, Dunn and Tonn three local defencemen of the hit'em and rock'em variety while up fronters to show to advantage were Robertson, Brunell, McLeod and Miocinivitch." Goals for the Dominions were scored by Robertson and Conick with two, with Barlow gaining two assists.
game 1 game 1

Game 2 vs St. Catharines, Nov.13 at Hamilton :

"The Spectator headline on Nov. 14 read:


"Locals Spotterd Three Counters, Came On to Tie Contest and Then Saw Victory Slip Away In Last Three Minutes of Play "

Before over 20000 fans in Hamiltom last night the Hamilton Dofascos spotted the Saints three goals by the midpoint of the second period and then battled back to tie the game early in the third. Goals by Conick, Batrlow and Tonn with assists going to Dunn, Conick, Barlow and Manorek. br> Dazzling russhes by Dinning on defence brought the crowd to their feet, while other top contibutors were Conick, Barlow, McCleod, Manorek and Tonn. Howewver a late lapse by the locals in the last three minutes of the game gave the Saints two goals, one of the easy variety and cost the home team the game despite playing well for most of the game.

game 2

game 2

Game 3 vs Toronto Goodyears, Nov. 18 at Hamilton :

"The Spectator headline on Nov. 19 read:


"Local Pucksters Pack Offensive Into Final Session to Score Four Goals -- Final Count was 5 to 4 -- Visitors Better Defensively"

Before 20000 fans in Hamiltom last night the Hamilton Dofascos, aided by some defensive lapses and soft goals fell behind early. Although they had plenty of scoring chances, they trailed 4-0 at the end of the second period. The youngster Mortimer in the Toronto net was the main reason as the Hamilton pucksters had manny scoring chances from close in buit were thwarted by the fine play of the Toronto goalie.
In the third period, led mainly by the Conick line, the Dofascos narrowed the gap to 4-3 on some excellent passing displays and finally capitalizing on some of their chances. However the Goodyears responded at 14:10 with their fifth and final goal. Hamiton responded again with a goal by Miocinivitch from Conick in the last minute, but finally succumbed to a 5-4 defeat despite playing a very good game.
With a little tightening on defence and improved goaltending from the rookie Bailley, the Dofascos should be soon able to get their season back on track.

game 1 game 1

Game 4 vs St. Catharines at St Catharines, Nov. 21

The Spectator headline on Nov. 22 read:


"Robertson and Sherry Turn in Sparkling Performances Against Garden City Pucksters -- Conick and Barlow Get Local Markers"

The Dofascos again fall one goal short after a third period rally, but still manage to lose again by a single marker 3 to 2. This marks the third game in a row where a late rally in the third period has fallen one goal short. Maybe the boys should play the third period first and hence get off to a better start. Robertson played well gaining assists on our goals by Conick and Barlow. Sherry, playing his first game between the posts was outstanding as was Dinning.

game 2 game 2

Game 5 vs Port Colborne at Hamilton, Nov. 24

The Spectator headline on Nov. 25 read:


"Addition of New Net Tender and Conick's Display in Close Gives Locals 6 to 1 Verdict in Game On Local Ice"

The Dofascos again put on a third period rally to blast their opponents in a 6-1 decisive victory. It was early in the third when the Sailors scored to tie the match. Exactly 5 minutes later the local lads put on a massive offensive display by scoring 5 consecutive goals by Tonn, Robertson and three by Johnny Conick. The game also featured a real donnybrook between Vince Upper of the Ports and big Ab Tonn of the Dofascos with the decision going to Tonn. All in all the 2500 fans were treated to a wonderful evening's entertainment. Both netminders played well with Hamilton's new tender Hurst taking the advantage in the third period.

game 2 game 2

Game 6 vs Niagara Falls at Hamilton, Nov. 29


game 2 game 2

Game 7 vs Goodyears at Toronto, Dec. 6

The Spectator headline on Dec.6 read:

"Dofascos Failed to Stop Leaders in Senior O.H.A."

"Local pucksters Finish on Short End of 7-2 Count"

Down by 3 goals in the second period until Spike McLeod, Hamilton's most dangerous forward on the night, scored to close the gap to 3-1, the Tigers were stymied by the large ice surface and the speed of the Tiremen. Toronto added three more tallies in the third to Hamilton's one with an embattled Hurst at the mercy of the speedy Goodyears and the defence failing to help on many occasions.

game 2 game 2

Game 8 vs Port Colborne at Port Colborne, Dec. 8

The Spectator headline on Dec. 9 read:

"McGowan Scores to Beat Locals in Close Game"

"Dofascos Drop Struggle at Port Colborne By 3 to 2 Count"

The Dofascos again fall one goal short after The former Tiger star Goonie McGowan and Laroche teamed up for two quick goals in the middle of the second period, putting the Ports up for good as the third period was scoreless. Up to this short lapse in the second the Dofascos had played one of their best games of the season only to lose again by one goal.

game 2 game 2

Game 9 vs Galt at Hamilton, Dec. 13

The Spectator headline on Dec. 14 read:


"Conick Prominent in 11 to 4 Victory on Hamilton Ice Last Night -- Barlow and Nichols Also Played Well -- Four Points Up on Falls"

Johnny Conick was outstanding with his goal and four helpers again challenging the leaders for the scoring title. Tonn had three goals, Barlow two, Robertaon two, with Miocinovich, Dunn and Nichols adding singles. It was Nichols first game as a senior and he contributed a goal and a pair of helpers. Hurst was strong in goal when Galt was on the attack, but the Dofascos offensive surge led by the Conick line was too much to overcome.

game 2 game 2

Game 10 vs Niagara Falls at Niagara Falls, Dec. 15

The Spectator headline on Dec. 16 read:


"Bill Dinning plays important part in 5-3 Victory in Big Roar Town "

The Dofascos moved a step closer to the league leaders last night with a convincing 5 to 3 victory over the Niagara falls Cataracts in Senior A play. The victory was led by the sparkling play of the Dofascos rushing rearguard Bill Dinning. His rushes which combined speed and tricky stickling along with a wicked shot made him the most feared man on the ice.
After falling behind 2-1 in the first period, Hamilton came on strong in the second period with two markers by Dinning. The first was on a feed from Conick at tho Cataracts blue line where he rushed in and drilled the puck past Zimmerman to tie the game up. Dofascos continued to dominate until 14:10 when Barlow scored on a slick passing play in which Miocinivich and Dunn played prominent roles. The third goal came with 3 minutes remaining in the second period, again notched on a great shot by Dinning from close in, assisted by Barlow and Miocinivich.
In the third Stuart scored his third goal of the game and then the Dofascos regained control of the game and Conick scored the clincher at 17:03 assisted by Dinning. Conick's two points propelled him into the league lead in the scoring race. Although the Dofascos dominated for most of the game, Hurst was a stalwart in net when called upon.

For some time the Dofascos have been trying to land an excellent Brantford player named Walter Gregg who has been practicing with the team and wants to play in Hamilton. However a league ruling has determined that he must play for Galt. As a result of this ruling which the Hamilton team feels unfair, the Dofascos may withdraw from the league after their next game.. They are hoping the league will reconsider their position and allow Gregg to play here.

game 2 game 2

Game 11 vs St. Catharines at St. Catharines, Dec. 19

The Spectator headline on Dec. 20 read:


"Two Goals in Last Period Result in 6-5 Victory for Corrigan-Coached Squad Over Dofascos"

The Dofascos again fall one goal short. After two goals apiece by Brunell and Miocinovich, the Dofascos led 5-4 at the mid point of the third period. However a brief defensive lapse combined with a surge by the Saints late in the third period gave the Saints two quick goals by Backer and Pilous and a 6-5 victory. Again a good effort by the locals led to another loss by only one goal.

game 2 game 2

Game 12 vs Galt at Galt, Dec. 22

The Spectator headline on Dec. 23 read


"Greig and Hogan Line Up With Tail-End Club and Add Defensive Strength"

With christmas near, a slim crowd of under 600 watched the winless Moosemen lose again to the Dofascos by an 8 to 4 margin. Led by the Barlow - Conick - Miocinovich line, the Dofascos coasted to the victory despite easing up and allowing three goals in the third. Greig who had been sought all season by Hamilton and Hogan were not prominent in the game at all as the Dofascos dominated the play early and then coasted to victory. Barlow with three goals and Miocinovich with two lead the locals and put Barlow among the leading scores with Conick who contributed with three assists.

game 2 game 2

Game 13 vs St. Catharines at Hamilton, Dec. 27

The Spectator headline on Dec. 28 read:


"Locals Rally After Seeing Two Goal Lead Wiped Out in Early Stages of Final Frame -- Brunell Turns in Best Performance of Season"

Close to 3000 fans at the arena watched Johnny Conick's third period goal give the Dofascos a hard fought victory over the first place Saints.
After falling behind early, the first period ended in a 1-1 tie after Brunell's goal at 19:25. Dofascos forged ahead with a strong second period scoring two goals, one apiece by Barlow and Conick.
Trying to protect a two lead in the third by playing defensive hockey allowed the Saints to come back and tie the game with goals by Rudy Pilous and Backer.
At this point in the third the Dofascos broke loose and bombarded the Saints net until Conick hit paydirt with the winning goal at 16:15 of the third
Although the Conick line took care of most of the scoring, the Brunell line was the most effective line on the night for the Dofascos. They dominated their rivals with ferocious back-checking and managed to keep the Saints tied up most of the time when they were on the ice. Hurst,sparkled in net as usual.

game 2 game 2

Game 14 vs Port Colborne at Port Colborne, Dec. 29

The Spectator headlines on Dec. 30 read:



game 3  vs  ports

"Free-for-all and Hurst's Attack on Referee Jackson Featured Typical Port-Hamilton Clash -- Last Period Penalty Costly"

The 40 -year-old dean of the senior O.H.A. iceways and former Hamilton Tiger star gave the Sailors the finish they needed to register a 6-4 victory over the Dofascos and step into a first place tie with St. Catharines. His four assists, two of them coming in the third period when the score was tied 3-3 proved to be the difference in the game.
The Dofascos battled gamely from wire to wire, but defensive errors late in the game gave the Sailors the advantage.
On a positive note there will be two additions to the Hamilton lineup in the new year. Norm Walker, former minor professional player has had his amateur status reinstated and will suit up at right wing. Also Forrester's right ankle seems to be on the mend and he should return to the lineup soon.

Game 15 vs Niagara Falls at Hamilton, Jan. 1, 1940

The Spectator headline on Jan. 2 read


"Locals Experienced Little Trouble In Turning Back Cataracts on Local Ice -- Bissell Standout Performer for Big Roar Team "

The Dofascos defeated the Cataracts for the third straight time, handing them a 5 - 1 defeat. The diminutive goalie Bissell was a standout as he was bombarded from all angles by the locals. It was the McLeod-Brunell-Robertson line that led the barrage in the first two periods with Barlow-Conick-Miocinivitch coming to life late with some smart passing plays that resulted with a pair of counters. The defence was the real bright spot as Dinning, Dunn and Tonn made good use of their bodies when the occasion demanded it.

The first goal came early in the first period from the stick of "Spike" McLeod after taking a pass from Dunn just outside the Falls defence and letting fly with a backhand to beat Bissell. The Dofascos dominated for the rest of the period, but Bissell kept the score to 1 - 0 at the end of the first. In the second period the locals continued to dominate with Robertson finally breaking through with two goals late in the period, both assissted by Brunnel. In the third Miocinivitch and Conick scored assisted by Barlow on both. The Falls responded with their lone marker leaving a final score of 5 - 1 for the Dofascos.

game 2

game 2 game 2

Game 16 vs galt at Galt, Jan. 4

The Spectator headline on Jan. 5 read


"Local Pucksters Stage Strong Scoring Finish to Defeat Galt"

The Dofascos started slowly but goals by the Barlow line gave them a 3 - 2 lead aft the end of the first period. AQfter a scoreless second period the locals sprang to life and outscored Galt 5 - 3 in the final frame. Dofasco goal scorers were Miocinivich with two and singles going to McLeod, Robertson, Dinning, Dunn, Barlow and Riley. This left the Dofascos victorious with an 8 - 5 win over the tail-enders. .

game 2 game 2

Game 17 vs Niagara Falls at Niagara Falls, Jan. 8

The Spectator headline on Jan. 9 read


"Local Players Serve Up Improved Brand of Puck-chasing on Falls Ice to Register 6 - 2 Victory "

The Dofascos dominated play throughout the entire game but needed 3 goals in the final frame to cement the victory. This plants them ten full points ahead of the Cataracts in the race to a playoff position with only 8 games to go. The Barlow, Conick, Miocinovich line dominated again with a dazzling display of speed and passing that bewildered the Falls team. The Brunell line also showed well while the defence hit hard and often to allow Hurst the protection he needed.. Next games include St. Catharines tomorow night in the Garden City and Friday night they meet the Falls again at home.

game 2 game 2

Game 18 vs Goodyears at Hamilton, Jan. 10

The Spectator headline on Jan. 11 read


"Locals unable to Dent Twine Behind Mortimmer in Game on Toronto Ice -- Score was 3 to 0 -- Meet Ports Here on Friday"

Hugh McLeod was a thorn in their side along with linemates Brunell and Robertson, but the Dofascos were unable to beat a hot goalie despite many outstanding chances from both lines. Port Colborne will be here on Friday night and a win here would consolidate their hold on the fourth and final playoff berth. Coach Chisholm is pondering changes in his lines to hopefully add some scoring touch.

game 2 game 2

Game 19 vs Port Colborne at Hamilton, Jan. 12

The Spectator headline on Jan. 13 read


"Hamilton Team Outplays Sailors But Enemy Net Tender Proves Unbeatable -- Large Crowd Witnesses Close Struggle -- Defence Plays Well"

Ports goaltender Bastels proved to be too much for the local lads as they lost a close battle to the Sailors by a score of 1 - 0. Over 2500 spectators witnessed one of best tilts of the season in a close hard-hitting game. However when Dunn checked McKelvie heavily into the boards late in the second period, he was assessed a penalty which led to the only goal of the game as McGowan scored while Dofascos were short-handed. |Brunel, McLeod, Barlow and Conick turned in sparkling performances on the front lines. The defence was strong with rearguard Dinning being one of the best players on the ice. .

game 2 game 2
game 2

Game 20 vs Galt at Galt, Jan. 17

The Spectator headline on Jan.18 read


"Locals Dish Up Smart Team Play in Turning Back Moosemen on Galt Ice By Score of 7 to 3"

game 2 game 2 game 2

Dofascos snapped out of their two game losing streak with much improved play over the previous losses. Tallies in the first by Miocinovich and Conick yielded a 2 - 0 lead at the end of the first frame. A strong attack in the second period by both lines led to a 6 - 1 lead after two periods with Walker scoring twice, Brunel and Miocinovich with his second. The score could easily have been higher except for the fine play by Brown in the Galt net.. In the third Galt scored two more markers before Barlow silenced any thoughts of a comeback when Barlow and Conick went on another of their famous passing attacks with Barlow finishing the scoring at 16:15 of the third period yielding a 7 - 3 victory for Hamilton.

Game 21 vs Goodyears at Hamilton, Jan. 19

The Spectator headline on Jan. 20 read


"Over 2500 Fans Brave Cold Blasts to Witness Fastest Game of Year -- Hamilton Shy on Finish in Final Stanza"

in a fast paced contest the Dofascos went out to a two goal lead in the first period on goals by Miocinivich and Walker leaving the home crowd in a delirious uproar. Then came Hamilton's first bad break when Red Dunn, who otherwise turned in a sparkling performance, dumped the speedy Toronto centre into the boards . This incurred the ire of referee Moore who assigned a two minute penalty to the defenceman. The ensuing powerplay gave the Goodyears immediate revenge when Imlach broke right in on Hurst to score Goodyears opening counter leaving Hamilton ahead 2 - 1 at the end of the first.. Three minutes into the second session, Polly Miocinivich got his second goal of the night on a pretty passing play. The Dofascos outplayed the Goodyears most of the period with Mortimer holding them to a 4 - 3 lead after the second frame. The heartbreaker for the home team came in the third period when the Goodyears notched the equalizer and winning goals leaving them with a 5 - 4 victory. The local pucksters played well and with any luck could of had a victory. The Conic - Miocinivich - Barlow line sparkled as did Brunell, Walker and Robertson. while Dunn, Dinning and Tonn were brilliant on defence. Unfortunately a strong performance by Goodyears puckstopper Mortimer was the real stumbling block. .

game 2 game 2

Game 22 vs Niagara Falls at Niagara Falls, Jan. 25

The Spectator headline on Jan 26 read

"Niagara Falls Downs Dofascos By Large Score"

"Hamilton Team Has Off Night in Big Roar City"

The Dofascos took a severe shellacking at the hands of Niagara Falls, a team they are competing with for the final playoff berth. Th Falls played inspired hockey led by Morrison with 4 goals and one helper. Hamilton's defence was porous without their star rearguard Bill Dinning and goalie "Pug" Hurst had a rare off night allowing 13 scores to Dofascos 3. Hamilton goals were scored by Brunell, Walker and Conick. The Dofascos get a chance for revenge as the Falls visits our arena on Friday night .

game 2 game 2

Game 23 vs Niagara Falls at Hamilton, Jan. 26

The Spectator headline on Jan 22read


"Hamilton Team Scores Six Goals in Final Frame to Cement Victory"

The Dofascos fell behind 4 - 3 by the end of the second peiod last night. In the third the local boys turned on the firepower and outscored the Cataracts six goals to two leaving them with a victory in the rematch from Tuesday night's shellacking. .

game 2 game 2 game 2

Game 24 vs St. Catharines at St. Catharines, Jan. 30

The Spectator headline on Feb. 1 read


"Dofascos Bow to Speedy St. Catharines Outfit"

The Dofascos were trimmed by St. Catharines by a score of 7 - 3 as they faded badly in the third period which enabled their opponents to put up a commanding lead and achieve victory over the Hamilton club.

Although the local boys had as much of the play as the homesters in the first two periods, they were stymied by a hot goalie Ron Forder. This led to their poor showing in the final frame as a wobbly defence combined with excellent play by the home team led to to the lop-sided defeat. .

game 2 game 2

Game 25 vs Goodyears at Hamilton, Feb. 3

The Spectator headline on FEb. 4 read


"Locals Outscored By 6 to 4 After Throwing Big Scare Into Toronto Pucksters--Barlow Scores Two Goals--Ports Here Friday"

With it's best showing of the season last night in Toronto, the Dofascos exhibited formidable checking and swift skating, but were still subdued by the Goodyears 6 - 4 in one of the most exciting games of the season. In the hard fought contest, Conick made it close at 10:17 of the third period, but Inglis cemented the victory with a late goal at 19:30.

Both goalies played brilliantly and Dofascos held as much play as did the Goodyears, but Mortimer managed to keep them at bay.

game 2 game 2 game 2

Game 26 vs Goodyears at Toronto, Feb. 7

The Spectator headline on Feb. 8 read


"Dofascos Snowed Under an 8 to 4 Setback at Local Arena Last Night Before Largest Turnout of Year-- Dinning Standout Player on Ice"

The Dofascos showed weak defensive play in the first period to a speedy Goodyears team playing their last home game of the season. This left the Hamilton team on the short end of a 3 - 0 tally. Goalie Hurst let in a two easy goals but otherwise turned in a sparkling performance. King and Laurent scored two goals apiece for the Goodyears while Robertson had two markers for the visitors and Dunn tallied one goal and one assist. It was a fast exciting game before almost 3500 fans and could have been closer but for the excellent defensive work in front of the always steady Mortimer. Barlow, Conick, Miocinivich, Robertson, Nichols and Walker played well enough up front but except for Dinning and Dunn the defence was wobbly. Dinning showed his great speed throughout and stood out as the best player for the visitors. .

game 2 game 2 game 2

Game 27 vs Port Colborne at Hamilton, Feb. 9

The Spectator headline on Feb. 10 read


"Locals Run Wild Against Second Place Ports to Finish On Long End of 11-1 Count--Visitors Out-Played at All Stages of The Contest"

In front of 2000 fans Dofascos were well prepared for the playoffs by handing the second place Tars a vicious shellacking dominating an excelent team inn all phases of thee game. The forward lines tiurned in magnificent performances while the defence of Dinning, Dunn, Cooper and Tonn was never better.

The Walker, Brunell, Robertson, Brunell combination excelled with with Brunell standing out with his close checking while potting two goals and two assists. Brunell with two counters was also in the limelight. For Conick, Miocinovitch and Barlow it was a field night . Their great speed and passing baffled the helpless Ports with Miocinivich scoring three times. The defence also contibuted to the offence, Tonn with three counters and Dunn with two helpers.

game 2 game 2

Game 28 vs Port Colborne at Port Colborne, Feb. 13

The Spectator headline on Feb. 14 read


"Local Puck Team Outscored by 6 - 5 In Game on Port Colborne Ice--Homesters Led by 5 - 1 at One Stage--St Catharines Beat Falls"

After falling behind 5 to 1, the Dofascos fought back furiously against the Sailors, but fell short losing in the end by a 6 - 5 count.The Sailors started fast with goals by McElvie,Upper, LaRoche and Allan against a single marker for the Dofascos by Barlow giving the locals a 4 - 1 lead at the end of the first. Upper notched another marker early in the second before Hamilton began their comeback with Miocinovich, Barlow and Conick scoring to narrow the gap to 5 - 4. Fitzgerald notched another marker early in the third, but again Hamilton responded again with Barlow scoring on a nice passing play with his linemates. This ended the scoring leaving the visitors one goal short in the 6 - 5 loss.

game 2 game 2 game 2

Game 29 vs St. Catharines at Hamilton, Feb. 16

The Spectator headline on Feb. 17 read


"Ron Forder Rises to Shimmering Heights at Barton Street Arena as Garden Citizens Turn on Heat in Last Period"

Ron Forder and "Red" Reynolds were the spark plugs in Hamilton last night as the Saints defeated the Dofascos 5 - 2 before nearly 3000 moaning fans. Hamilton led by a score of 2 to 1 after two periods on goals by Barlow and Robertson despite throwing a plethora of shots at goalie Forder which kept the score close. The speedy and nifty Reynolds scored the lone Saints goal to this point, unassisted. Another unassisted tally bY Reynolds at the 2 minute mark of the third period opened the floodgates and the Saints poured in three more markers before the stunned 3000 fans leaving town with a 5 to 2 victory in the second to last game of the season.

game 2 game 2

Game 30 vs Galt at Hamilton, Feb. 21

The Spectator headline on Nov. 30 read


"Local Pucksters Finish on Long End of 12 - 7 Count"

game 2
With the Dofascos it seems to be either feast or famine from a goal scoring standpoint and last night was the former. After struggling to establish a 7 - 6 lead at the end of the second, the local pucksters turned it on in the third and notched five markers to Galt's one.. Conick had 2 goals and 3 assists while Barlow had 4 goals and 2 assists to lead the way. McLeod and Dinning also stood out.
This was the final regular season game with the Dofascos set to face off against St. Catharines in the league semi-finals., while the league leading Goodyears will play Niagara Falls. .

Playoff Game 1 vs St. Catharines at St Catharines, Feb. 23

The Spectator headline on Feb. 24 read


"Three Goals In Closing Stanza Gave Saints Victory In Close Checking Fixture--McLeod, Barlow Outstanding For Local Team"

After taking a 3 - 1 lead into the third period the Dofascos fall one goal short after a two minute lapse by Hamilton in the third period filled with penalties and miscues led to three quick goals by the Saints.. A late goal by Barlow left the local team on the short end of a 5 - 4 score in a game that could have easily been theirs..

On the first line it was the league's fourth leading scorer Barlow who stood out with a goal and two assists. "Spike" Mcleod stood out on the second line mostly by keeping the Saints star Red Reynolds bottled up all through the game as well as banging home Hamilton' second goal. On defence it was Dunn, Tonn and Cooper who stood out while while the usually reliable Dinning had an off night including kicking one into his own net. The second game will be back home in Hamilton and is a must win to stay in the series.. .

game 2 game 2

Playoff Game 2 vs St. Catharines at Hamilton, Feb. 26

The Spectator headline on Feb. 27 read


"Dofascos Drop Second Straight Game to Garden City Team in Senior O.H.A. Playdowns--Ran Forder Big Star For Victors--Score Was 3-2"

The Dofascos fall one goal short after a third period rally of three goals by St. Catharines. They must now win three straight games in orxer to advance to the league finals. The locals played well but heir lack of finesse around the net proved their undoing as they often drove through for close-in drives on Forder but could not beat him. He outguessed the Barlow, Conick, Miocinovich line repeatedly to keep his team in the running until they broke through for three markers in the third period with Barlow scoring a late goal to make it close. Hamilton outshot the invaders by a 3 to 1 count but Forder continually held them at bay.

Prominent for the home team was "Spike" McLeod who turned in a sparkling performance as did "Red" Dunn and the diminutive Cooper. Th rest of the aquad tried hard and did everything right but score. The next game will be in the Garden City and is a MUST win for the Dofascos.

game 2 game 2

Playoff Game 3 vs St. Catharines at St. Catharines, March. 1

The Spectator headline on March 2 read


"Robertson Suffers Broken Leg as Mates Race to 7-2 Victory Over Enemy--Rombough Attacks Umpire Bert Hedges--Play Here Friday"

Hamilton used heavy tactics last evening as they hammered the Saints into submission and had them hanging on the ropes before the third period was very old. The saints speedy Red Reynolds was subdued by Hamilton's Jimmy Dunn who hit him with everything but the goal posts and had him crying to officials about rough play. Tonn and dinning also contributed to the heavy hitting which forced the saints to lose their composure with Rombough going after the referee after receiving a penalty for his attack on Johnny Conick. Dunn went after Reynolds from the start pounding him every time he invaded Hamilton territory. Finally Reynolds attacked Dunn with his stick and opened up a nasty cut. Reynolds retired to the dressing room for the remainder of the game.

Hamilton scoring was was led by Tonn, Barlow and Conick with two goals apiece, McLeod adding a single and Miocinovich with three helpers

game 2 game 2

Playoff Game 4 vs St. Catharines at Hamilton, March 4

game 2 The Spectator headline on Mar. 5 read


"Lost Four-Goal Lead in Final Chukker But Counters by Miocinivich and Conick in Last Minute Decide Close Struggle Before Over 5000 Fans"

After building a four goal lead early in the third, the Dofascos had an eight minute lapse which allowed the Saints to tie the game late in the period. The Saints continued to press, but Conick broke loose and beat Forder with his second counter of the night and Miocinovich immediately followed suit also with his second counter to put the game away for the Dofascos. The Saints played without the services of Reynolds and Jeffrey, both of whom were still shaken up by the pounding they took from Dunn and Tonn the previous game. They were also without Rambough who was suspended after his attack on the official while Dofascos were without Robertson who suffered a broken leg in the previous game. Except for the third period lapse the locals were full value for their victory and look forward to the deciding match in St. Catharines

Playoff Game 5 vs St. Catharines at St. Catharines, Mar. 6

The Spectator headline on Mar. 7 read


"Local Players Had Decided Edge in Final Period But Could Not Beat Forder-- Catlin, Miocinovich, Barlow Brilliant-- Score Was 4 to 2."

The first period effectively decided the match with the Saints leading 3 to 1 at the end of the period with two late period goals, one of the soft variety. With the game tied 1 - 1 in the first, the Saints looked like they had iced the puck, but no whistle sounded. While Dofascos eased off waiting for the whistle, Mocha, Reynolds and Hurst jumped on the puck, closed in on Hurst and got an easy goal. Shortly after Pinder skated through the entire team and scored for the Saints, leaving them with a comfortable 3 to 1 lead at period's end. A goal by Catlin was the lone marker of period two despite pLay being fairly even. This left the Saints with a 4 - 1 edge after two periods. The Dofascos outskated and outshot the Saints in the third, but were unable to overcome this large lead. Walker scored from McLeod early in the third. Hamilton pressed valiantly the rest of the way but were unable to beat a brilliant effort by Forder and ultimately succumbed to a 4 to 2 defeat to end their season.

game 2 game 2

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